Vivien Cheung  

Teacher Vivien received her Psychology degree in the UK, with a specific interest in early childhood education. She has worked with children with special educational needs during her position in “Gifted and Talents” Programme at Chinese University for years. Teacher Vivien then uses the similar approach to cater students with different learning needs and to promote a positive learning environment. With passion towards language development, Teacher Vivien continued her study on Speech Therapy for children. She is also aspiring to further study into Educational Psychology, hoping to benefit more children. Teacher Vivien believes that everyone has their potentials that have yet to be discovered. By giving them the support and reinforcement needed, children will eventually find their own talents.

Martyn Evans

Teacher Martyn has been a teacher here in Asia for the last 5 years. He has taught children of all ages and finds teaching both rewarding and inspiring. Teacher Martyn is creative, fun and friendly. He believes that all lessons should be fun and engaging, so that students can look forward to learning.

Venus Royster

Teacher Venus is a creative, innovative and resourceful early childhood educator. She received her bachelors degree in English in the United States and certified as an English teacher. Teacher Venus believes in the importance of whole child development; and that every experience aids in that development. She is passionate about social emotional development, self-help skills and language acquisition.

Amanda Wang

Teacher Amanda is a passionate and experienced Mandarin teacher from Beijing. She received her Master’s degree from The Education University of Hong Kong. She has years of experience in the area of Chinese language teaching, both in classrooms and as a private tutor. Teacher Amanda also has teaching experience in international schools (Kindergarten and Primary division) in Hong Kong. She is passionate about working with children and believes that every child is a different individual, teachers need to encourage children to explore the world by trying, inquiring and observing.

Charles Chan (Teacher Chuck)

Teacher Chuck is a professional Musician/Artist who also has years of teaching experience in Music, Art and English. He received his Music Profession specifically in Live Sound and Studio Recording and taught multiple disciplines to children and adults. With a strong emphasis on creativity and emotional intelligence, Teacher Chuck helps students to build a stronger connection and understanding with themselves and the subject that they are delving into.