0—3 years old


M.E. Program
Pioneers (0 – 1 years old)

This is an exploratory stage where students try different sensory activities and are exposed to the language. Toddlers are still unable to speak at this stage, class is focused more on physical activities, imitation and observation. Teachers use physical objects, body language and verbal cues to aid instruction.

Learning Objectives:

  • • Familiarize with language
  • • Explore different senses and to make relation with language
  • • Explore the body and space around us
  • • Experiment and practice vocalization
  • • Develop routine
Trial Class & Assessment
Explorers (1 – 3 years old)

This is a very critical period where toddlers are vast learners. This is the stage where they start to walk and speak, so they are extremely curious of the environment and are always motivated to make sense of it. This stage is focused on increasing vocabulary base, encouraging verbal expression of thought and sensitivity to reading letters. Articulation and speech exercises are incorporated into each lesson to allow students to exercise their vocal organs and to promote more accurate pronunciations.

Learning Objectives:

Level 1

  • • Build up social relationships with others (teacher and peers)
  • Understanding of the body
  • • Practice to verbalize desires in simple phrases
  • • Develop manners

Level 2

  • • Introducing the cause and effect relationship to events
  • • Encourage students to ask questions
  • • Learn more daily nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • • Familiarize with alphabets
  • • Practice correctly holding a pencil
  • • Encourage social interaction (playing together)

Level 3

  • • Learn basic concepts, opposites and differences
  • • Answer in long sentences
  • • Describe objects or events
  • • Use different pronouns
  • • Use different pronouns
Trial Class & Assessment