7—12 years old
Cx Program
Cx Scholars (7 – 12 years old)

Once student reach this course, students are expected to be able to be equipped with a good range of C-factors. This course is more project-based, where students are involved in an process from brainstorming, setting goals, collecting data, analyse, summarise, and reflection. In order to allow students to have a better idea of secondary school or even university subjects, the topics in this course are more related to professional, expertise or special subjects that not normally found in academic subjects. This acts as a taster for students to be introduced to various subject areas and to facilitate easier subjects choices.

These topics may include: law, chemistry, biology, architecture, psychology, geography, literature, drama, arts, music, photography etc. Students are given projects that may vary in size: individual projects, class projects, group projects etc.

Learning Objectives: Level 1

  • • Understanding of different areas and building interests
  • • Get into the habit of effective data collection and exploration
  • • Work with others on projects (delegation, roles, collaboration)

Level 2

  • • Give persuasive accounts with supportive evidence
  • • Critically summarise information
Level 3
  • • Think critically of different information sources
  • • Conduct evaluation and reflection on performance
  • • Give a presentation of the completed project
Trial Class & Assessment