Supplementary Classes

In addition to the Bilingual and Communication programs, we provide supplementary classes that accommodate to student’s specific needs.

Phonics Class

Our phonics class focus on building a strong phonetic understanding, beginning with learning the basic letter sounds, creating letter-sound associations, and reinforcing their learning through multi-sensory activities, like songs, games, actions etc. They will also learn how to write correctly and strengthening their phonological awareness. Once the foundation is made, students will move onto blending and reading phonetically. Reading and writing can not always rely on phonic, so the class will then move into learning sight words and irregular spellings. Practice and application is very important when learning phonics, so students will be encouraged to apply their knowledge in various stimulating activities.

Pinyin Class

Pinyin helps to build solid foundation of Chinese learning. This course stimulates students’ interest through storytelling, songs, games and multi-sensory activities. Students will be learning different tones, pronunciation, Chinese characters and words. Our learning objectives included recognising Chinese strokes and nursery rhymes, utilising pinyin in reading and storytelling, developing fundamental listening and conversation skills.

One-on-one Class

Private tailored classes specially designed for students. Class content will be based on our language program depending on students' need and it will help to strengthen certain areas. We also help in preparation for kindergarten, primary school interviews, school performances, speech competitions.

The Next Scientist Programme

Sir Albert Einstein once said “I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious.” Although the first half is up for debate, curiosity, it cannot be denied, fuels intelligence and innovation. Here at Bilingual Education we strive to help students develop their curiosity of the world around them. Through asking how and why, students develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills, giving them the tools needed to become independently motivated learners. In our science course, we focus more on the method than the concepts themselves. Using the scientific method, we teach students to hypothesises, experiment and analyse data to reach their own conclusions about scientific concepts. We cover many topics from the electrolysis of water to the cloning of plants. Students have fun, think for themselves and learn some key concepts along the way, ready to be the forward thinkers of tomorrow.

Art & Craft x Speech Development

This hands on course provides children an opportunity to express and find out more about themselves through completing various creative art projects that were carefully created. This course helps your children nurture positive environment within and around themselves.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore different art forms and find out their preferences in expression;
  • Practice thinking outside the box which will enrich their creativity;
  • Encourage students to become socially and environmentally aware, teaching children to reuse different objects and turn them into useful things or beautiful artworks.
Music x Speech Development

Music is a language that is universal and this form of communication can also be a form of healing and therapy as music can promote self expression, communication, self confidence, relaxation, and happiness. These tailored class is fun, relaxing and motivating!

Course Objectives:

  • Using Music to associate with the core functions of brain;
  • Enhance speech by rhythmic training;
  • Improve attention skills and communication skills;
  • Develop interpersonal skills and to interact with others.

Trial Class & Assessment